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Understanding High Pressure Processing for my Business?

So you want an understanding of the HPP technology?  Because you think HPP can be good for the growth of your business.  Or maybe your boss asked you to evaluate HPP and you  don’t know where to begin.  The Institute for Food Safety (IFSH) Short Course Workshop and Blog is here to help.

As soon as you start the process, the questions will start mounting, such as what are the HPP applications in food processing?  What testing do I need to do with my product?  Who does this testing? What equipment do I need?  How does HPP work? What is involved to  operate a Machine?  How do I know when I should buy a machine?  What do I need to consider in this purchase decision?  Who makes the HPP Machines?  And what is the difference between the machines? In particular who has the best HPP Machine for my business? Above all  what is the actual cost of this High Pressure Processing Process?  And how can I get the best pricing?   The questions go on and on and on…….

Who Needs to Understand the HPP Business Model?

Whether you are a food technologists, a food safety professional, an operation manager, an or an executive leader from the refrigerated food and allied industries you will benefit from this Blog. As at the conclusion, you will have a well rounded understanding of High Pressure Processing and start the process of making a well informed decision.

How is this HPP Blog is going to Help You?

This Blog is going to help you address all these questions over the next several months as there is far too much information to be included in one post.  What we want you to take-a-way from this post is knowing you have a resource to get your questions answered.  The audience we are targeting wants a well round high level understanding or High Pressure Processing.  They want to know the questions that they need to be asking and have a foundational knowledge base. 

I don’t have 12 Months!  My Boss wants answers Now!  We have a large account that wants us to HPP our Product and the RFQ is coming due SOON!

Well you are in luck!  In April of 2019 you can get much of this information in 4 Days!  Yes that is correct.  We have developed in cooperation with The Institute of Food Safety (IFSH) a 4 Day High Pressure Processing Short Course and Workshop.  Call it a mini introduction to a Masters Degree in High Pressure Processing.  You wont’ be an expert at any one thing.  BUT you will know enough to be dangerous.

The Institute of Food Safety (IFSH) HPP Short Course Workshop and Blog is April 8 to April 11, 2019. In short, you can Register and get more Information by Clicking this Link. Hence, this is our 2nd Workshop with our first being sold out in 2018!  Our own Gerald Ludwick introduced the HPP Workshop and the Framework for the HPP Center of Excellence at the 2017 IFSH Annual Meeting.

IFSH HPP Short Course Workshop
Gerald Ludwick Introducing ISFH HPP Workshop and Future HPP Center of Excellence at IFSH Annual Meeting 2017

Who are the HPP Instructors?

Instructors:  Kathiravan Krishnamurthy, Ph.D., Jason Wan, Ph.D, Alvin Lee, Ph.D., Josh Warren, and Gerald Ludwick

The First Topic we will Covering will be determined by our Readers. Fill out the Contact From below and Lets us know what you are most interest in!

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