HPP Loading Stations and Automated Loading

Our Philosophy

Build the most ergonomic, highest throughput, HPP Material Handling Equipment Solutions in the HPP Market Place. Ensure that our Solutions are designed for compatibility across all HPP Machine Manufacturers such as Avure/JBT, Hiperbaric, and Uhde. Maintain a set of universal standards for work place safety, food safety, functionality and scaleability.

6 Basket Indexed Pallet Auto Loading Compatible with most HPP Systems

Our Goal: Bring affordable, functional material handling equipment to the HPP Industry. Drive the overall operational costs of HPP down by maximizing the through-put of the HPP machines and creating economies of scale.

An Example of our Philosophy put into Practice

2 Person HPP Basket Loading and Pallet Build Station
Real Time Basket Loading and Pallet Building Off Production Line

Our 6 Basket Stainless HPP carts. The initial problem was getting the product from the production line an immediately into the baskets so they could be transported to the HPP Equipment. As an initial solution, we designed stainless carts to solve the problem of loading off the production line; however, the weight of the cart and product, caused a new set of problems: Weight Restrictions and Limited Floor Space. Therefore, we redesigned the carts into HDPE 6 Basket Stackable Pallets;  thus dramatically reducing the weight while increasing the amount of pallets and pounds of product shipped. As a result, we lowered production cost to a Fraction of the Cost of the stainless steel and dramatically increased the amount of product shipped.

The Balancing Act of HPP Loading and Unloading

How many times have you heard;

“Why did we not hit our cycle goal today?”

“Did you know our pounds processed are down?”

“Why did we short so and so customers order?”

“Tell the team we are going to have to work the weekend?”

How can you consistently hit your cycle goals without jeopardizing your pounds processed and thus meet your customer expectations while having a team that doesn’t have to work weekends and extra shifts?

Let me explain, Become more Predictable by Controlling the Events you can Control.

HPP Bad Backend Design
Poor HPP Backend Design resulting in HPP Machine Stoppage

We recognize that the Packaging for High Pressure Pasteurization directly affects the material handling process and thus must be accounted for in the design of the material handling systems. Packaging can slow down the filling of the HPP basket loading equipment of the baskets on the front side and become a bottleneck for HPP basket unloading equipment on the process side. As a result, we stress the need to evaluate the entire process on the onset of a project and incorporate buffering zones for work in progress (WIP).

Cartoon Animation illustrating our direct HPP basket loading off production vs. a Multi Handling Solution

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