HPP Advisors installs its first High-Pressure Processing (HPP) material handling solution for Hiperbaric HPP equipment on the East Coast

“This year in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic we chose to upgrade our facilities by investing in the improvement of our operations. HPP Advisors was able to provide a solution to help us accomplish our goals, making our operations more efficient and reduced our costs.”

Guy Giordano, CEO of Vincent Giordano Corp.

Vincent Giordano Corporation logo

The Challenge…….

Deli meats are a driver for growth of High-Pressure Processing Equipment manufacturers. Listeria lives on the outside of the meats and protein slicing operations run the risk of contamination on the blades of the slicing machines. Vincent Giordano, was one of the first privately held companies to recognize the benefits. HPP Processing increases food safety from pathogens, like Listeria, by pasteurizing the products after cooking and slicing.

HPP Machines require several thousand feet of floor space. Vincent Giordano’s HPP Machine was located in a separate building, across the street from the main ovens. The food package would come off the line, be loaded into a basket, basket is filled with product, and loaded into the HPP machine for pasteurization. Once the pasteurization is completed, the product is unloaded from the basket, packaged, and ready for shipping. Unfortunately, the HPP machines cannot pasteurize as fast as production lines.

HPP Advisors Stackable Baskets and Pallets

The Solution……..

HPP machine owners need an affordable, easy to load, and easy to transport solution that allows them to store product for HPP Processing. HPP Advisors Baskets and Pallets provide the solution that can be used across both the Avure™/JBT and Hiperbaric equipment.

We are proud to share Vincent Giordano Corporation’s success story. Having a well-known customer and pioneer in the HPP Industry, like Vincent Giordano is a testimony to HPP Advisors innovative products and solutions.

HPP Advisors HPP Carrier Pallets Holding Area optimizing vertical facility space