Utilize our relationships across the globe to bring reliable HPP machines to the emerging markets of India, China , Mexico and South America.

HPP Advisors and Hypree Executive Team
HPP Advisors Site Visit to Hypree Customer in China

HPP Advisors has years of combined hands on experience with HPP Pressure Processing Companies from all over the world. Thus we know what reliability in the HPP Industry looks like.

Our Goal: Bring to market the most cost effective choices of HPP Machines from around the Globe so that HPP can be viable to not only North America and Europe, but to the emerging markets of India, China, Mexico, and South America.

Compound Annual Growth Rates in HPP Machines Emerging Markets of China and India on Rise

Are you in an Emerging Market? Excited to read about all the HPP success in the North America and Europe? Wondering how to bring this Cold Pressure Pasteurization Technology to your business?

Lets talk about the real issues in front of you. For instance, the cost of the HPP Machine. The smallest machines from Avure/JBT and Hiperbaric are between $600,000 – 1 mil USD. Assuming you are going to try and follow the existing 3rd Party Tolling Models you are going to come to some conclusions fairly quickly. Namely, the machine cost too much for the amount of volume the machine can process at the rates your potential customers can afford to pay. So then, what do you do?

Let me explain some options…..

Search the Internet using Alibaba or Made in China for HPP Pressure Processing Companies or High Pressure Processing Companies. You will find some incredibly inexpensive HPP machines, along with some pretty incredible claims. Some that might even claim to have more installed machines than Avure/JBT and Hiperbaric combined. All will claim the their machines are better. How do you know?

What you do know is that the most expensive machine is one that doesn’t work when your business is up and running. Don’t forget, now your customers are relying on you! And you don’t want your investment to end up in a parking lot.

Here is the reality. You are most likely going to have to take a chance with an up and coming High Pressure Processing Company other than Avure/JBT, Hiperbaric, or Uhde. All of these companies had the hiccups when they started out. Even today with the Avure JBT 40-70 Series deployment, the initial customers have gone through many pains.

Want some Good News?

We have been to the China School of Hard knocks and we have learned the hard way so you don’t have to.

We have set out to grow our relationships around the world with up and coming HPP Pressure Processing Companies. By continually growing these relationships we can identify the companies that have a strong desire to produce HPP Machines to Globally accepted Standards. Therefore bringing a strong value statement of Price and Reliability to our customers.

In conclusion, today we have in place strategies that will bring to market tested HPP Equipment to the emerging markets.

Hypree 50L High Pressure Processing Machines in Shanghai, China Tolling Facility
Hypree 150L High Pressure Processing (HPP) Machine in Nanning China Juice Facility
Hypree 350L HPP Machines in Production and set for release in the later part of 2020

If you are in the following HPP Machine Emerging markets, Contact Us Today for your HPP Machine Needs.

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New HPP Equipment Company coming out of Europe in 2021!

IDUS HPP SYSTEMS in Spain is launching High Pressure Processing Machines in 2021
IDUS HPP SYSTEMS in Spain is launching High Pressure Processing Machines in 2021
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