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About HPP Advisors
About HPP Advisors

We are passionate leaders driving to bring cost effective HPP solutions to manufacturing companies leveraging our experience, relationships, resources, and innovative product offerings.

In particular, we apply a holistic consulting approach to HPP providing manufacturing companies strategies for implementing HPP Machine Deployments into their business model. Using a Big Picture approach brings emphasis to the entire Pre and Post HPP Process. In comparison, looking at specific components individually reduces predictability. In many ways the strong Holistic business strategy has a familiar feel since it is the methodology for Lean Six Sigma is derived from the popular Sigma Six and Lean manufacturing.

The case for engaging HPP Advisors…..

Chart showing the specific value targets to achieve an increase in safety, increase in shelf life, reduction fo costs and an increase in profits. There are 10 targets listed they are as follows; Optimize Recipe, Minimize Packaging, Reduce Touches, Minimize Damage, Maximize Fill Ratios, Increase Cycle Counts, Increase Machine Uptime, Reduce Manual Tracking, Improve Employee Satisfaction and Reduce Logistics.
Example of HPP Holistic Project Specific Value Targets

What Sets Us Apart?

There are several key factors differentiating HPP Advisors. Our experience affords us the opportunity to look at the Big Picture from several different viewpoints.

Manufacturer of Product

For a manufacturer it is vital to understand how all the pieces from each department come together in a comprehensive HPP Solution. At HPP Advisors, we can speak first hand to the challenges and opportunities available to the individual departments. We can talk to the real potential issues not only in specific departments but among and between departments. Hypothetically, product development was not concerned about excessive flanges on the packages. As a result, operation’s could run over budget because the flanges caused fill ratio’s to decrease. This kind of an issue might directly affected an increase in cycle counts, labor costs and maintenance costs.

To summarize, being able to relate to each department in a manner that puts them in a position to succeed and lets it know you truly understand its position is vital to overall company buy in and the achievement of sustained results.

The chart lists 7 departments involved Holistic HPP Business Strategy (CEO, CFO, COO, Sales and Marketing, Product Development, Quality Assurance, Operations, Supply Chain Management, Maintenance)

Departments involved in Holistic HPP Business Strategy

Manufacturer of HPP Equipment / 3rd HPP Party Tolling Centers

There are two options for processing product with HPP. Option #1, is to buy your own equipment. Option #2, is to use someone else’s machine. At HPP Advisors we created sophisticated financial models to project volumes and true costing of the entire HPP Process. These financial models are very important in the decision making process for choosing the right HPP equipment, the right Tolling Center, or both.

The case for HPP Advisors Brokerage Services….

Graphic showing the relationship between The Right Equipment, The Right Toller, The Right Outcome for HPP Advisor Brokerage Solutions
HPP Processing Options in Holistic Business Strategy Including Brokerage Services

Ancillary Service Providers

HPP Advisors creates relationships with respected companies that provide ancillary services critical to the success of an HPP Project.

Validation and Shelf Life Studies

Packaging and Testing

HPP Advisors A La Carte Services

If you are looking for stand alone services, HPP Advisors covers you. Check out our services tab for Tolling Brokerage Services, HPP Baskets and Pallets, and HPP Material Handling.

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