HPP Brokerage

We are assembling an HPP Tolling Brokerage Network that incorporates HPP Tolling Centers covering all of North America

Process Flow Layout for a Midwest Tolling Center that utilizes a decoupled design with customers sending pre-loaded baskets to HPP Facility where baskets are processed and either sent directly back to customer or pack off services are performed and empty baskets sent back to customer
MIdwest HPP Tolling Center Process Flow

Thereby, providing the most Innovative and Holistic Solution available on the market today!

Our Goal: Provide a comprehensive To be a Full Service HPP Brokerage, Material Handling, and Logistics Solutions Provider that positively impacts our customers bottom line.

Cost of the machine alone will cause pause with even the largest companies in the Food and Beverage Industry.

There are those out there that will tell you HPP is the cheapest Product Liability Insurance Policy available. Others will point to the many cost disadvantages of HPP. These cost include the HPP machine, the infrastructure of the facility to house the machine, the ongoing cost of maintaining the machine, the additional package and labeling cost, and all the extra touches. Most of these costs are absorbed by the HPP Tolling Centers.

These barriers can force many companies to look to HPP 3rd Party Tolling Companies for their products.  However, using a 3rd Party has its cost disadvantages as well. The first question we get asked is, “What is the HPP Tolling Cost?” The tolling models today triple handle product causing product damage/waste and higher labor costs.  Transportation to the tolling centers is very expensive and many times the tolling centers are several hundred miles away.  And then there are the costs on the back end to case pack the product for distribution.  And lets not forget storage and pick charges.

Creating a Transparent Solution

We are assembling an HPP Tolling Network that incorporates HPP Tolling Centers covering all of North America thus providing the most lean solution available. At HPP Advisors our Brokerage Solutions work with Tolling Centers that want to eliminate the double/triple handling while making the HPP experience as transparent as possible.

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