HPP Material Handling – Baskets and Pallets

The Realization that you have to load HPP Baskets prior to the HPP Machine

If you are reading this you are coming for one of three places. Either you have a HPP Machine In-House for your own product. Or you are a 3rd Party Tolling Company. Or you are looking to have your product HPP’d and are looking at your options. Believe it or not, each solution ends up in the same place. Let see why.

Option #1 – In-House HPP Machine

Avure 350L HPP machine being loaded with aftermarket loading sysstem that uses a telescoping cylinder to push baskets into the HPP Machine
Telescoping Hydraulic HPP Basket Loading

You have an In-House HPP Machine for processing your own product. It does not take long determine that double handling is not a long term solution. That process typically has you building a pallet of product containers off the production line. Then transporting the pallet to the HPP Department for filling of baskets online. Thus, you begin the process of designing a system for online loading the product containers into the HPP Baskets.

Option #2 – 3rd Party Tolling Company

6 basket pallet with baskets loaded with Juices
AV30/Hiperbaric 525 Baskets and Pallets

You are a 3rd Party Tolling Company. Initially you may start out with large customer with limited SKU’s and Packaging. And eventually, you end up with multiple customers and a zillion different packages and bottle sizes. Ideally you would like the customer to ship the product already in the baskets; however, who is going to be responsible for the capital costs of the baskets? And how are you going to get the HPP baskets back and forth from the your facility and the customer? As a result, decision is made to start out by having the customer send you the product on a pallet like in Option #1.

Loading Juice Bottles in HPP baskets at the High Pressure Processing Machine
Loading Juice Bottles in HPP baskets at the High Pressure Processing Machine

Option #3 – What are my Options for HPP?

You are looking to have your product HPP’d and are looking at your Options which are Option #1 or Option #2.

Coming back to Option #1

HPP Basket with Ribs
HPP Basket with V-Ribs

Shall we begin? Cost is typically the initial problem companies incur. These baskets from Avure/JBT and Hyperbaric are expensive. The next problem, the current HPP baskets limit the amount of product. In other words, the designs limit the space in the inside of the basket. The third problem is the time it takes to unload the basket causing delays in starting the next cycle. Lastly, the biggest problem at the time, there was no source for Aftermarket HPP Baskets.

The Solution Design our own Aftermarket HPP Basket

Our Goal: To produce baskets that deliver highest fill ratios, quickest unloading, and most durability in the Industry at an economical price point. To produce baskets that are compatible to Avure/JBT HPP Baskets and Hiperbaric HPP Baskets. To produce pallets for our baskets that are light weight, durable, and allow for safe and ease of transport.

Ribless HPP Basket in white from HPP Advisors
Improved Ribless HPP Basket with Maximized Fill Ratio

Initially we worked with Avure/JBT to design the baskets. And eventually we determined that we need to think outside of the current design and process. We removed the V-Ribs in the basket to create more interior room. Secondly, we selected a material conducive to cold environments that was more flexible and not susceptible to breaking. Third, we created a lid that allowed for rapid loading and unloading without damage to the product. And finally, we reduced the cost of the baskets by standardizing the entire process making buffering of basket viable.

Guess What?

In 2018 we tested our findings with the Avure/JBT Baskets against the Hiperbaric Baskets. We found similar success, with an added bonus that we would like to share with you.

HPP Basket Comparison Video. Hiperbaric Basket and Latella Fresh Basket Unloading and Pounds per Cycle

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