HPP Material Handling Ideas

High Pressure Processing – HPP material handling equipment pictures and video for both automated and semi automated solutions including sample floor plans

Avure HPP Condensed Loading and Unloading Conveyor System with 6 Basket Pallets
Complete Automated Loading and Unloading off HPP Baskets for Processing
The floor plan allows for 2 side by side hpp machines.  The top machine is dedicated to Tolling preloaded customer baskets and pallets and shipping them back to the customer after HPP.  The bottom machine is dedicated to processing internal product on 6 basket stainless steel caster carts, co packing on the backed and shipping off to distribution.
Combined HPP Tolling and Internal Production Processing Floor Plan
6 Basket Pallet Loading and Unloading with an Avure Standard Conveyor System
3 hpp machines are side by side with a conveyor on the process side that joins all 3 machines together.  The bar codes on the baskets are read and indexed so that they goto the correct pack off line.
3 HPP Machines side by side with integrated post processing conveyor system
HPP baskets are vertically filled at production, air is removed, bag is sealed and lid is placed on basket.  Baskets are transported to HPP, loaded horizontally and processed.
Bulk HPP Basket Filling at Deli Salad Production
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