HPP Basket and Pallet Leasing and Rental

Providing Affordable Cost Effective HPP Ancillary Equipment Leasing and Rental options for getting your product through the High Pressure Processing Process and off to Distribution.

Reduce upfront capital costs of HPP Ancillary Equipment with our HPP Equipment Leasing and Rental Programs designed increase cash-flow and improve your bottom line.

Our Leasing and Rental programs are tailored to help conserve your working capital. So that you can take advantage of our HPP Basket and Pallet Solution to decrease the costs associated HPP. In addition, you get the potential tax benefits and a more Attractive Balance Sheet.

Programs available for In-House HPP Operations, 3rd Party HPP Tolling Facilities, Companies Utilizing Tolling Facilities.

Products eligible for Leasing include High Pressure Processing Aftermarket Baskets and High Pressure Processing Aftermarket Pallets.

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