Hiperbaric Aftermarket Parts

HPP Advisors Selection of Aftermarket Hiperbaric Parts for North America and Europe.

Hiperbaric 525L High Pressure Processing Machine

Why HPP Advisors?

“What is Truly Unique to our Approach, is our team is hands-on, day to day operating machines,  as a result we are Focused on the Hiperbaric Parts from a User Perspective”

  1. 100% of our Hiperbaric Parts are Made in the USA, thus keeping jobs at home
  2. Our Leadership Team is passionate about HPP Parts.
  3. We strive for continuous improvement in all aspects of our business, as a result, we lower the cost of Ownership of Hiperbaric Fittings.
  4. Most importantly, our team has years of experience in all aspect of HPP Parts, such as, Operations, Maintenance, and Manufacturing.
  5. “Can Do” and “Transparency” mindset ensures our customer needs are met!
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HPP Advisors uses only high quality stainless steel for all of our HPP Parts and HPP Fittings. Our suppliers utilize efficient and precise CNC machine tools to manufacture our Hiperbaric Parts, and as a result we are extremely efficient we can meet the most aggressive timelines.

We are proud to say that our parts are produced following ISO 9001:2015 allowing for efficiency of production that allows us to keep costs at a minimum, without sacrificing quality.

Our Selection of HPP Parts grows based on upon customer demand, so if you don’t see a part you are looking for let us know and we will do our best to fulfill your request!


Interchangeable Seat H02-100-64-0110D for Hiperbaric Machines
Interchangeable Seat HPPA-HB-5904 cross to H02-100-64-0110D
Valve Closing Needle H02-100-64-0090F for Hiperbaric Machines
Valve Closing Needle HPPA-HB-5905 Cross to H02-100-64-0090F
Valve Insert H02-100-64-0500D for Hiperbaric Machines
Valve Insert HPPA-HB-5906 cross to H02-100-64-0500D


87k Check Valve D20-044-30-1012C for Hiperbaric Machines
87k Check Valve HPPA-HB-5804 cross to D20-044-30-1012C
87k Check Valve Outlet Poppet H02-250-60-0090Cv1 for Hiperbaric Machines
87k Check Valve Outlet Poppet HPPA-HB-5805 cross to H02-250-60-0090Cv1
Hydraulic Seal Cap D20-050-10-0003C for Hiperbaric Machines
Hydraulic Seal Cap HPPA-HB-5806 cross to D20-050-10-0003C
Check Valve Cap D20-44-30-2006C for Hiperbaric Machines
Check Valve Cap HPPA-HB-5808 cross to D20-44-30-2006C
87k High Pressure Jacket H02-250-60-1040C for Hiperbaric Machines
87k High Pressure Jacket HPPA-HB-5809 cross to H02-250-60-1040C
87k Water Jacket Sleeve D20-044-1—1079C for Hiperbaric Machines
87k Water Jacket Sleeve HPPA-HB-5810 cross to D20-044-1—1079C


Sensor Measurement Spring Support H02-100-71-0364C for Hiperbaric Machine
Sensor Measurement Spring Support HPPA-HB-5501 cross to H02-100-71-0364C


87k Inline Check Valve Body H04-025-40-08017 for Hiperbaric Machines
87k Inline Check Valve Body HPPA-HB-5501 cross to H04-025-40-08017

Here is our 2020 Aftermarket Parts Catalog.

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