About Us

WE ARE passionate leaders driven to bring cost effective HPP solutions to manufacturing companies leveraging practical material handling solutions and a detail oriented approach to recipe management and supply chain optimization.

High Pressure Processing” (HPP) is the space that we live and breath. As a result, it is the foundation that gives our clients a competitive advantage in the market. Therefore, our expertise with HPP Technology puts our clients in the best position to succeed with a focus that starts at the product and continues through the manufacturing process resulting in the safest most cost effective HPP solutions available in the marketplace.

What is HPP?

HPP goes by a variety of names, such as, Cold Pressure Pasteurization . Because High Pressure Processing is a Cold Pressure Pasteurization Process, it works best with pre-packaged product. So the pre-packaged product must be designed around the most efficient way to optimize the highest yields of the equipment. The constraint is that the packages must be put in a HPP Basket prior to being put in the HPP machine. Once the HPP Baskets are fully loaded they are pushed into the vessel. Subsequently the vessel is closed, and filled with water. Next additional water is injected into vessel to increase pressure . After desired pressure is achieve the pressure is held for a designated period of time. The last step is the release of pressure and removal of the baskets from the vessel.

This is where the Magic Happens?

The Bad Pathogens are damaged at these tremendous pressures. But incredibly the good nutrients remain undamaged leaving the benefit of the nutritional value! Sounds really good huh? The result of using the High Pressure Processing Equipment extends the shelf life without the use of chemicals.

Today we are taking our experience and talents in HPP and bringing them to HPP Advisors.

What you can expect from HPP Advisors:

  • Sound business advice backed by a proven track record
  • A business perspective that looks at all aspects of cold pressure pasteurization technology (HPP) to insure your project puts food safety, employee safety, and profitability first and foremost
  • Honesty, Integrity, Straight Forward Answers